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"We Fly Together"

About B-Squad

It's A New Day Ladies!  Join Us On This Journey


"We Fly Together"

The Butterfly Squad (B-Squad) is a community for new and struggling women in business.  The official launch is May 10, 2021. This community is here to help you get clear and unstuck, so that you can get on the fast track to growing your business that will create a legacy and generational wealth.  It's also a community for those women who are looking to grow their business into $1,000,000 or more enterprise.

The B-Squad is a movement.  Our goal is to help the women in our community find and create businesses that have purpose in their lives and that they are passionate about.

Now you should know that this community will challenge you.  In order to be successful you have to move outside of your comfort zone.  

You will be given challenges that will make you feel super uneasy that will cause you to make excuses about why you can't get it done.  That's where we come in to help you move past what's stopping you.

As your B-Squad Sister you will be held accountable to deliver on the mission that you have set for yourself.  That being said join us if you are ready to jump in with both feet running towards success.

Who Is B-Squad For?

  • The woman with the big idea, but don't know where to start
  • The woman who has started a business, now she's stuck and doubting herself
  • The woman who joined a network marketing company to be a part of a team, but still feels alone
  • The woman who want to leave her job, but is afraid and need that support
  • The woman who is ready to turn her side hustle into a full blown business
  • The woman interested in building a $1,000,000 brand

Butterflies Working Together Create Beauty In The World

Starting A Business Will Take You A Through  Metamorphosis 

The Butterfly Squad Declaration!

"We Fly Together"

As a B-Squad sister, I declare that I will stand in my truth, embrace my purpose & follow my passion.  I declare that I will support & respect my sisters and our sisterhood.  I will encourage her when she feels like giving up.  I will empower her with wisdom when she feels lost & confused.  I will support her in building her dream life & business.  I will hold her accountable when she is failing on her promise to herself.  I will be a contributor to my community and a help to those less fortunate.

I Decree And Declare that I will walk with pride, courage, confidence and speak with conviction as I follow my dreams and build my legacy.  I Decree and Declare that I will keep this sisterhood alive and uphold the B-Squad Declaration from this day forward to eternity.

Why Join The Butterfly Squad?

You maybe wondering if The Butterfly Squad is a good community for you and I want you to answer these questions and if you have more yeses than no's then you are in the right place to accomplish your dreams.

  • You want to be a part of a movement that will empower women so that they can empower their families and their communities. 
  • You want to be a part of a weekly mastermind group that will help you hash out issues that you maybe facing in your business or life.
  • You have started or want to start a business and don't want to be alone
  • You have a desire to grow your business into a $1,000,000 enterprise
  • You want to have accountability partners
  • You want to be a member of a community that is patient and caring when you get stuck
  • You want to know that there are friends that you can come to when you're seeking clarity
  • You want to have access to women who can also be your own board of advisors
  • You want to position yourself to give back without being stressed out or stretched out
  • You want to build a strong business & brand
  • You want to build a legacy
  • You want to create generational wealth

If you've answered yes to any of these Welcome To The Butterfly Squad!  We can't wait to meet you and hear about all of the amazing things you are doing.

About The Founder Audrey Bell-Kearney

I've been an entrepreneur for 23 years.  I am an author, inventor, international speaker and most of all I am a woman on a mission.

I know how tough it can be to start a business and feel so alone.  I know how hard it is to follow your dream when know one believes in you and you don't have that support system to cheer you on.  I know how hard it is to have to decide if you want to take your family out for some entertainment or spend that last $100 on your marketing campaign and the guilt you feel when the marketing campaign wins.

I know how it feels when you are so tired and it seems like nothing is going the way you want it to and you just want to give up.

I know what it feels like when you feel like everyone is making big moves and you are stuck in the same place feeling confused and lost.  

See I know how all of these things feel, because I've lived through them all and more over the last 23 years.  My journey started out like a lot of you.  I started my first real business when I was 33 years old.  I was a single mother who had filed bankruptcy when I was 24 because I had so many credit cards from college that I could no longer manage them.  So I had bad credit and no money saved.  These were some tough situations to be in, but I did not let them stop me from following my dreams.  I was determined to make it happen no matter what.  So you see I understand what it means to have people say that maybe you should just give up on your dream and go get a job.  Once upon a time I Was You!  That's why I launched The Butterfly Squad.  I was looking for a community with a purpose.  I thought about how close sorority sisters were and how they help each other and I wanted to create that type of sisterhood.  I wanted to create a place where women could really thrive with a purpose and build something that will allow them to leave their mark on the world whatever that maybe.

So just know that it is no coincidence that you have arrived here today and my only question to you is Will You Join Us?  If so Welcome To The Butterfly Squad.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you create the business you dream about and create the legacy & generational wealth that will live on after you're gone.

Still Not Sure If You Should Join Our Community?

25-Powerful-Questions-to-Identify-Strengths (1) - Copy.pdf

Download This Questionnaire & If You Have Trouble With Your Answers Or Feel Confused Come Back & Join Us

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